Scott K.

I started life-coaching in an attempt to save a failing marriage. | Read Scott's Story

Sam W.

I had been corporate downsized for the seventh time in my career. | Watch Sam's Story

Marco M.

I wasn’t able to communicate effectively with either my boss and my spouse. | Read Marco's Story

Jared S.

Life seemed random…chaotic. It seemed like most things were out of my control. | Read Jared's Story

Walter L.

I look at challenges in my life in a more positive way. | Read Walter's Story

Pat F.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This is all new territory for me. | Read Pat's Story

Vishwa T.

I’m an attractive, well-spoken guy, I should be doing very well with women. But each rejection feels like a knife in the heart. | Read Vishwa's Story