Jared S.

I started working with Dennis in April of 2017.

Before Dennis, life seemed random…chaotic. It seemed like most things were out of my control, even my own wishes and desires, as I had a tough time controlling the negative ones, and struggled to pursue the positive ones.

I felt aimless, and I buried that feeling with dating and women. I convinced myself that I was doing what any reasonable man in his late 20’s would be doing. 

A friend noticed my ups and downs, and suggested I work with a life coach. I started working with Dennis, and things quickly changed. Working with Dennis, I began to have small, manageable daily and weekly goals that were aimed at something different from anything I had ever aimed at. It’s hard to say exactly what, and it’s probably different for everyone, but for me it was equanimity, which means mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

This word has defined my work with Dennis, and working towards this day in and day out has redefined my definition of success and happiness.