Pat F.

 I began to work with him in September 2018.  

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in November 2017.  This diagnosis has forever changed my life.  Simultaneously it ended as I knew then my health and my career.  For a man, this is a deadly double blow.  What then followed was depression and anxiety attacks.  This was all new territory for me, as prior to the diagnosis, I was a very healthy, successful and optimistic person.  

At time of diagnosis I was living in Dallas.  For many with MS, heat is brutal.  So, I returned to San Diego to help further my healing.  And at this time, my personal life was fairly chaotic, with a difficult marriage and a Jekyll-Hyde 16 year old daughter to contend with.  A friend of mine in Dallas shared with me the great benefits that come from having a men’s life coach.  I took my friend’s advice to heart and sought after such a coach.  Via Google, I came across Dennis.  Off the bat, he spent nearly 90 minutes with me on the phone to discuss my situation and the scope of his services.   I could already tell Dennis is very client-centric.  Dennis also enabled me to speak with four of his clients.  All of them raved about Dennis.  I felt good about working with him.

I am now four months into working with Dennis and can tell you that he is providing me with tools to bring peace to my heart and my relationships.  He is helping me progress from just surviving to peaceful creativity.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Dennis because he is in your corner, a guy with a passion for helping other men.  The process takes time, but I can see it coming together.  I am also raising a 16 year old daughter by myself this year and Dennis has been instrumental in helping me model strength, maturity and love to her.  

I believe peace is an under-estimated quality.  People who are at peace are happier and more creative with their internal and external worlds.  At work, I believe they would be forces of good for the corporate culture, and more productive.  No drama, just equanimity.  

I am thankful and grateful for the entrance of Dennis in my life.  His clinical approach is unorthodox, but that is his distinction and durable asset.  As a man who speaks guy-talk and understands men, Dennis is helping me gain peace today and position myself for creativity and productivity tomorrow.  For the first time in two years, I have peace and hope in my life.