Vishwa T.

I’ve been working with Dennis for roughly 9 months now.

Let me describe the situation I was in when I found Man UP! Life Coaching.

Every week, I’m finding myself purely looking forward to Fridays. I can’t seem to get along with my team at work (we’re cordial at best), I’m constantly finding myself overrun by the number of things I need to keep up with, and I’m always checking for when I can *call in sick* just so I have one day of peace. The weekends run by too fast, and a sense of dread sets in on Sunday mornings. Now, the one thing I’ve always been able to rest on in myself, has traditionally been my intelligence. I’ve represented India abroad at conferences, I’ve been a consistent A+ student from middle school onward, you get the picture. This bulwark of my personal fortress is now failing me. I’m losing sleep, I have persistent brain fog, and I’m so stressed out that my traditional methods just feel like I’m spinning my wheels. 

On a personal front, dating is not good at all. I’m an attractive, well-spoken, pretty fit guy and on paper, I should be doing very well with women. But each rejection feels like a knife in the heart, I’m constantly seeking approval and validation, and I feel so goddamn lonely all the time. I’m fine with being alone, but…this is just hard. I feel isolated from my friends, I have no idea why I constantly feel threatened by everyone, and 

Therapists help, but only for the duration of the session. I feel good for a day, then I’m back to being insecure, paranoid, needy, exhausted. This pattern repeats itself for a couple of months. In a fit of desperation I’m trawling the internet for ANYTHING, ANYONE to help me get out of this hell. Because I’m enduring, but I’m not thriving. I have no idea what the hell I need to do to change things, and nothing seems to work.

Enter Dennis.

9 months later, significantly more secure in myself, work has improved a lot, I’m at peace with myself (regardless of my current state).

Brain fog is finally dying off (that one took a lot of persistence from my side and a lot of encouragement from Dennis’). I’m no longer seeker validation, for once I don’t feel like I’m living life reactively. The last one is probably the best and I didn’t know I needed it until I had it. I’m finally able to start to enjoy things, I think I can relate to people better (social anxiety is dying down too). Among other things, I have a steady girlfriend who I think is the real deal, and I’m secure enough to not feel threatened by other people.

Bottom line is, something that took a long time to build, will take time to refine. You have to remove the BS, maintain that state, and then fill it in with the right things. The right way of seeing the world, the right way to conduct oneself, and most of all, defining the ‘right way’.Don’t get me wrong, things could be better. But for once, I’m not worried – I trust Dennis to help me become the captain of my ship, and I’m slowly turning into the kind of person I used to admire. 

I’ll say this – he’s got your back. Sometimes you won’t get why you’re being asked to do one thing, when it doesn’t make sense, or seems stupid, or pointless. But you hired a life coach, not a lackey. He’ll tell you what needs to be done, and you WILL see changes. Trust the coach, and trust the process. You’re in for a very pleasant surprise.